How I Made My First $1000 on Etsy, and You Can Too.

The easy process to get your first $$$ on Etsy

Dinesh kundnani
5 min readNov 27, 2020


There are many ways to make money online, but one of the fastest routes is e-commerce.

Making money online today is not easy, but it’s not hard if you put in consistent efforts.

Websites like Amazon, eBay, and many others dominated the online eCommerce space, but other websites like Etsy also dominated the eCommerce in their unique way.

One day I saw an ad on Facebook about Etsy. I quickly landed on for exploring what and how it’s working for selling online. is a marketplace for selling unique products. If you check, you will find many unique vintage handmade products. Specifically, it is for independent creators who make their products.

You can sell Virtual products, also like graphical design products, etc. It is an excellent opportunity for Anyone who wants to sell online.

Etsy’s ranking is excellent. It has a global rank of 74, which means millions of buying visitors per day.

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So I immediately start seeing what fees have to pay as a seller on Etsy.

Everyone should first check this if they are selling online in any marketplace because you usually start with excitement. Later on, you got charge for some mistakes you had made like custom listing or extra transactional fees.

What I love about they have low charges compare to any other marketplaces. They do cost per listing $0.20, which will be live for 4 months until it sells out, and a 5% transactional fee when someone buys your product.

At the same time, when you set up your shop, you can add different payment methods. Which cost you not more than 3 to 4% on your transactions depends on which payment mode you are using.

Yes, it has PayPal, Stripe, and bank deposit options in the payment method. I always consider the Paypal option.

Initially, I started asking myself what products I could arrange and what I could…



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